Trees for Life: A New Vision for Art, Ecology, and Community

Planting is an act of hope and faith, but as with so many plans you don’t always get what you want or expect. I planted a pear tree 1997 and after a dozen years it produced its first crop of pears, which were entirely eaten by deer. The next year it was stricken with blight and failed to bear fruit. The next year it died.

This celebratory object was created using the recycled wood of my pear tree. I have chosen to use this wood because a celebration of the natural includes both living and dying; through its death this pear tree offers an opportunity for a both a transformation and reinterpretation of my relationship with the use of the tree from a source of fruit to an art object.

Torah Pointer

Kiddish Cup with Silver Leaf

Kiddish Cup with Gold Leaf

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